Internet Marketing – the art of make themselves known

Internet today is a very popular medium. If you have your internet presentation and sophisticated marketing strategy, you can reach a large number of customers (and with lower costs). This gives you greater profits and the possibility of stable growth.

Marketing – the choice of individual access

Internet marketing is based on the knowledge of traditional offline marketing. What is important is the relationship with customers and gaining their trust. The success of your actions depends primarily on the quality of websites, as they are a modern form of communication.


 The services we offer:

Marketing online – complex activity

On the internet, all activities are complementary. It is not enough just to have their web pages, but also need to present your offering using articles, participate in events on the social networks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to join their product or service offered in a competitive environment, then no website optimization can not do. The goal of SEO is to get your website in search results on leading positions and increase the number of target visitors.

Our clients


This is a new website developed for a charity blogger who is obsessed with the book city of heavenly fire (You can support him by downloading city of heavenly fire epub made by him).

2. Vnashlar

A leading provider of ashlar in Vietnam, especialised in ashlar for big construction sites which they call đá ốp lát tự nhiên.


We took care of perfecting the content for this website. This client specialized in gold backed ira and other gold and silver products.

4. Apps Gone Viral

A leading company in app marketing and app promotion. We helped this company with SEO and traffic generation.

5. The Bicyclist 

A retailer of best bicycles and bicycles accessories. They gave our staff the best fixie bike to thank us for our superb effort to promote their website.

6. – An important lesson

Yesterday, under the First National Meeting of Guilds of Chartered Accountants (held in celebration of 50 years of Adeconta ), I had the honor of participating as a speaker in the topic “Marketing through Virtual Media – A vision for the bookkeeping services hornsby. “

The following are some notes from the conference, I’m sure you might be useful in the process of marketing your professional services.

Let’s look at some “tips”:

  • Marketing is not advertising. Marketing is a tool that allows us to take a look inside who wants to offer something and look out – to those who want to get the offer.
  • Do marketing for professional services without becoming a “hucksters”. You can advertise elegantly without sacrificing professional prestige.
  • In USA is a “tiger” to market professional services. Ya do lawyers and accountants in advertising with ads on billboards football. And these are professionals with whom we have to see the faces in the globalization process. So we had better be prepared more.
  • The Professional Services Marketing has 7 vital elements that the practitioner must define before thinking promoted by some means.
  • These are the famous 7 P’s of Marketing Professional Services: Portfolio – Price – People – Processes – Proof (testimonials from those who have bought before) – Promotion – Plaza (or channels of promotion).
  • Since Internet is a TRADITIONAL medium. It is a medium that should be in the calculations of any entrepreneur who wants to promote their services. It is no longer the “great new wave”.
  • If you have no marketing budget, use unconventional channels: self-promotion, flyers, relevant advertising pieces (like a calendar with data Tax office), business cards, and many more.
  • To start a plan Marketing Professional Services, follows three basic steps:1 Make your value proposition with Innovation and CreativityEye: Value Proposition (which is what will be reflected in the Curriculum Vitae or Executive Summary Commercial Offer Services) must be written in SIMPLE terms.Remember: the wisest of mankind have spoken out.

    ” If you’re trying to persuade someone to do something, or buy something, it seems to be much more effective to use their language, the language in which you think listeners “- David Ogilvy – 1911-1999 -” The Father of Advertising “.

    In the Value Proposition, forging credibility using the technique of the 3 Cs: sustain Credentials Charisma show and prove that he is competent.

    2 Choose the virtual tools with which you are most comfortable: a website, a strategy of participation in professional forums, instant messaging (the famous Messenger) and email blasts are some of them.

    3 Plasma your Value Proposition Virtual Environment you selected.